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            Sharing Practices.
                        Driving Technology.

Governing Body
About GTRC

A national organisation promoting a better understanding of the role gasification can play in providing the power, chemical and refining industries with economically competitive and environmentally conscious technology options to produce electricity, fuels and chemicals in India.... READ MORE


To be recognised as an effective industry organisation, nationally and internationally, in representing the interests of its members in the further development of the technology via promoting and fostering mutually beneficial interaction between the Producers, regulators and the users of  gasification technology.


The Council's mission is to foster the increased utilisation Gasification technology, through the promotion of the environmental, economic and technical advantages, to benefit members and the community as a whole.

Current Core Objectives

  • To encourage, promote and facilitate education, research and other activities for gasification technology;
  • To encourage the Members to take an active interest and participate in the work and progress of the Council so as to contribute towards enhancement of the Gasification technology in India.
  • To print, publish and circulate articles, news letters, journals, bulletins, pamphlets, posters, that the Council deems fit/desirable for promotion and furtherance of its objectives
  • To recognize outstanding work by the member or non member for gasification technology.
  • To accept grants / funds, equipment, land, buildings, donations, gifts, subscriptions and other assistance with a view to promote and further the objectives of the Council;
  • To establish a single, secure database of all the stake holder gasification technology  and members of the council to help people connect with each other
  • To provide a forum for the exchange and publication of Gasification information with key stakeholders

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